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Introducing our first 100% organic towel: The Mungo Aegean Towel.

As the latest in our flatweave range, The Aegean Towel combines two classic weaves: the honeycomb adds a soft and absorbent finish, while a diamond weave adds contemporary design detail. Woven on a Dornier loom at our top mill in the Crags, our Aegean towels are non-toxic to skin and soil, and have an especially airy feel and soft finish.

We’ve kept the bits that make our flat weaves best-sellers – it’s compact, quick-drying, absorbent and soft – and added finesse with the fibre. The Aegean thus becomes more than just a towel: it initiates our commitment towards using GOTS-certified organic yarn.

Available in three antiquity-inspired colourways: Iliad, Odyssey and Ithaca.

100% Organic Cotton Towel

“For us to go with organic makes a lot of sense because it’s something we can feel comfortable with, and for our customers it means they can feel secure in the knowledge that the best material has been used, using the best processes.”

– Dax Holding, Managing Director

Why Organic?

At Mungo, our products are under continuous refinement. We approach our design, and the ways in which we do things, with considerable care. This means not only producing a textile of heirloom quality, but also means making conscientious choices about where and how we source our materials, treat our team and how we can work symbiotically with the human and natural environments.

Cotton is a fibre that we use daily – it is the most widely used fibre in the world, favoured for its softness, absorbency and breathability. But conventional cotton farming can have knock-on negative effects.

With this in mind, we felt it imperative to start moving away from conventional cotton suppliers, and seek organic options. While we hope to be able to purchase local organic yarn in the future, for our first foray into the field (literally) we travelled from the Southern coast of Africa to the Aegean sea. In Turkey we found Egedeniz, a company with an ethos to match our own. We drove out to their independent farmers, and saw the ethical land and labour practices in use. We saw the back-to-basics approach of pre-industrial techniques, and marvelled at the use of hand-picking. And from that encounter came the Aegean: a towel to reinspire our connection to the earth.

Our quest to bring you a sustainable and ethical product is in alignment with the core values we uphold, and continues to be actioned by of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, MOVE. Through MOVE we actively seek to support and empower the community and environment in which we operate.

Mungo Aegean Towel - organic towels, ethically woven in South Africa. Soft, absorbent & GOTS-certified. Available online or in-store.
Mungo Aegean Towel - organic bath sheets & hand towels woven in South Africa. Responsible design. Soft, lightweight and absorbent
Mungo Aegean Towel - organic bath sheets & hand towels woven in South Africa. Responsible design. Soft, lightweight and absorbent

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  • Bath Sheet: 169cm x 100cm
  • Hand Towel: 56cm x 98cm

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