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If there was ever a product to embody our proudly South African ethos, this one might be it! The Boma Napkin, available in a range of earthy and vibrant colour combinations, is inspired by elements of the South African natural landscape: think shadows cast across a dry desert floor; rippled sand of a quiet wind-swept East Coast beach; the pink light of dusk reflecting off clouds in the sky; the silhouette of a baobab tree on a balmy moonlit night.

The Boma Napkin was originally designed and woven in our old Working Weaving Museum on our antique Lancashire looms. The older shuttle looms allow for more versatility and creativity at the design phase of a new product with a complex weave. Our Lancashire looms have been retrofitted with dobbies, which allow us to do a fancy dobby weave and yes, ‘fancy weave’ is a proper weaving term. Once the weave has been refined it is often moved to the more modern Dornier machines. Demand for our Boma Cloth soon outstripped the capacity of our old girls, so the Boma Cloth Napkins are now woven on our more modern Dornier machines.

The Mungo Boma Napkin is woven from 100% cotton grown in Southern Africa at the Mungo Mill. The irregular and unstructured geometric weave pattern will add a warm, rich texture to your table.

Mungo contributes 1% of our annual turnover to our CSR, MOVE, which seeks to empower the Plettenberg Bay community in which our mill is based.

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