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Meet the Mungo Fido Dog Blanket. A durable & difficult-to-destroy cotton companion, ready for your furry friend.
Designed to protect the bed or couch from muddy paws, claws and teeth.

A must-have for Mungo-loving pet owners.

Mungo tested. Mutt approved.

At Mungo, we love dogs. In fact, we love your dog – enough to help you by making their doggy dreams come true with the best dog blanket out there. Because as far as dog blankets go, this one is pretty damn perfect.

Sized for big and small dog breeds.

The Fido Dog Blanket comes in two sizes. The large is good enough for a Great Dane. The regular for your chubby Corgi, feisty Jack Russell or a cheeky Chihuahua (or three).


The Fido Dog Blanket is thick and durable, with a chew-proof cotton weave that’s strong enough to withstand muddy paws and sharp teeth. A dog blanket that’s easy to wash and difficult to destroy.

The design is bright and fun, and we can almost guarantee that if your dog wasn’t partially colourblind, they would love it too.

For indoors or out

Take it to the beach to dry off a damp doggo, lay it in the boot of your car, bring it along on a picnic to put some necessary distance between your canine and your camembert. The Fido Dog Blanket is compact and light enough to travel anywhere, and it doesn’t look like some rag that you’d be embarrassed to whip out at any time either.

We’re not saying your dog needs this blanket. We’re simply suggesting that they might love you a lot more if they had one.

Your move, human.

Purchasing your Moholo Dog Blanket will not only make your four-legged friend happy, it will contribute towards uplifting the Plettenberg Bay community, through our CSR, MOVE.

Your move, human.

Fido Facts

The Fido is woven from Southern African grown cotton on our wide width Dornier looms at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

The Fido Dog Blanket comes in two sizes – small for your pampered Pomeranian, and large for your majestic Golden Retriever.

Durable cotton ensures that your Fido Dog Blanket is durable and weighty, whilst still maintaining its travel-friendliness.

Each Fido blanket is woven with 4 warp colour variations, 4 weft colours, in 3 unique colourways.

Adorable Odin wrapped in the Fido Dog Blanket
Odin laying on the Mungo Fido Dog blanket in Toto

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  • Standard: 80cm x 110cm
  • Large: 110cm x 160cm

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