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Introducing our Sahara Stripe Cushion Covers – a vibrant burst of color and texture crafted from 100% cotton. Give 21st-century minimalism the boot, and welcome a touch of boldness to your living space with these statement-piece covers.

Mesmerising patterns and textures have been woven into every thread, using a robust pure cotton yarn. Drawing inspiration from the expansive Sahara desert, these covers transport you beyond the clichés of endless sand dunes. Instead, envision a realm of depth and dimension, a palette teeming with rusts, reds, oranges, and the interplay of light and shadows. This collection captures the essence of mirages, the intensity of heat, and the refreshing hues of Oasis blue.

Your home is a personal oasis with these inspired additions. The fusion of colors, striped textures, and the spirit of the Sahara, creates a vibrant and inviting space for relaxation and contemplation.

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60cm x 60cm
60cm x 90cm

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