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Graphic and contemporary, the Mungo Skipping Block Cushion Covers are perfect for adding a playful pop of colour to your living space.

50cm x 50cm.

The visually intriguing 3D-esque pattern is created by a unique block weaving technique called Monk’s Belt. Experimenting with a whimsical palette of colours, our designer Lenore first laid out her designs on graph paper. The geometric patterns particular to the weave then come to life through a series of floating wefts (where the horizontal weft threads pass over the vertical warp ones in a desired cluster).

Originating in Scandinavia, this ancient technique has historically been used for hand weaving designs, but a striking use of colour gives the fabric its contemporary feel. Woven on Dornier looms from 100% cotton, sustainably sourced in South Africa.

Your purchase helps to contribute to the work of our CSR, MOVE, through which we aim to empower the community of Plettenberg Bay, in which our weaving mill and production hub is located.

Lounge scene and couch with Mungo Skipping Block Cushion Covers

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50cm x 50cm

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