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Special cloths for everyday occasions.

Beautiful, long-lasting, 100% cotton kitchen or dishcloths.
Designed to be as good looking as they are functional.

Good Form

Grab a hot plate, wash, dry or mop up with ease.

Robust, hard wearing and absorbent. Quick drying and generously sized. Woven with 100% cotton, grown in Southern Africa.
Finished with a hook for ease of hanging and hemmed.

45cm x 90cm each.

Good Looks

Transform simple moments into every day pleasures.
This is a kitchen cloth that needn’t be relegated to the back drawer. One to be used, enjoyed and hung up with pleasure.
Woven in a palette of soft and striking hues with an intricate diamond design.

The Boma Backstory

The Boma Cloth takes its name from the traditional African ‘boma’ – an enclosure or gathering place to enjoy an outdoor, fireside meal and soak up the open-air atmosphere of a warm and welcoming South African sun or starlit sky.

Drawing from the rich colour combinations that ripple through our natural landscape, the Boma Cloth is our way of bringing a bit of that Southern African sun-baked earthiness into the home.

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  • 45cm x 90cm

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